The api is RESTful, this means HTTP verbs and response codes are meaningful, and request headers (language, format etc) are respected.

HTTP verb usage:

  • GET to retrieve data
  • POST to add/update data
  • DELETE to delete data


Response codes

  • 200 - OK
  • 400 - Request missing neccessary parameters
  • 403 - Unauthorized
  • 404 - Resource not found


Authentication is done using an api key.

Api Credentials can be generated from your ScubaTribe account under connect->api.

Pass the api Key value as the header parameter API-KEY
(this parameter can also be sent in the querystring, though this is discouraged for production use)

An Invalid key would return:

    "status": "error",
    "error": "Invalid Key."

Keys can also be disabled via the ScubaTribe account, and this should be handled by your application.

Inactive key returns the following error:

    "status": "error",
    "error": "Invalid Key."

Output Formats

The default format is JSON, there are several ways to request a different response format:
1) Send the appropriate HTTP Accept header (recommended)
2) send the query parameter 'format' e.g. ?format=json
3) request the resource with the appropriate extension e.g. requests/code.json

  • 'xml' => 'application/xml'
  • 'json' => 'application/json',
  • 'jsonp' => 'application/javascript'
  • 'jsonp' => 'application/javascript'
  • 'serialized' => 'application/vnd.php.serialized'
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