Return the basic details of a users profile.

Example JSON response:

"results": {
"user_id": 60,
"update_date": "2013-06-23T02:06:09Z",
"company_name": "Acme Dive Tours",
"company_logo": "http:\/\/\/public\/files\/user_60\/thumbs\/200xacme.jpg",
"scubatribe_url": "http:\/\/\/profile\/acme-dive-tours",
"facebook_url": "https:\/\/\/pages\/Acme-Dive-Tours\/224336301028616",
"twitter_name": "AcmeDive",
"skype": "acme_dive",
"website": "http:\/\/",
"description": "Hi, Welcome to AcmeDive, the example, fictional, Dive Centre we have setup to show you how ScubaTribe works.\nThis is the profile. This profile is public, and shows all your reviews and information about your business on ScubaTribe. \nWhen people click on a review badge, or social share link, this is where they will come to, to learn more about your company. \nYou can add contact people, locations, and image sto your profile, as well as listing which services you provide, and what languages you speak. \nIn addition to this, you can also write a brief description of your company.",
"services": [
"Guided dive tours",
"Travel booking service",
"Example Tours"
"certifications": [

"languages": [
"affiliations": [
"num_records": 14,
"status": "OK"


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