Check API status and availability

GET account

Return details of a users account

GET profile

A users Profile contains all the basic information about their company

POST profile

Update a users profile

The locations on a users profile

Update a location on a users profile

Add a location to a users profile

The contact people on the users profile

Update a contact on a users profile

Add a contact to a users profile

The images in the users image gallery

Links to share a users profile on social sites

List all feedback templates for this user

A single feedback template and question set

GET reviews

List and filter reviews

Get a summary of the users reviews

Get a single review

Links to share a single review on social network sites

Add a comment (reply) to a review on behalf of the user

Report abusive review (on behalf of the user or visitor)

Vote for a review as useful (or not) on behalf of a visitor

Provides information on the status of your requests to scubatribe

POST request

Add a new request

View the status of a specific request

View the users blacklist

POST blacklist

Add an email address to the blacklist

DELETE blacklist

Remove an address from the blacklist

GET codes

Get a selection of single use review codes

View the status of a specific code

GET surveys

Fetch all survey configurations

Fetch a specific survey configuration

Fetch results for a specific survey

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